Michelle Obama’s Boots Led To The Most Hilarious Twitter Spat Ever. Idolaters Are Ridiculous.

Mockarena, Co-Founder


So if you follow @chicksonright on Twitter, then you may know that it’s me, Mock, who runs the account.  I mean, our posts from this site publish there automatically, but if there are conversations happening there from our account, the messages are from me.  FYI.  Daisy takes care of our IG, and I’m the tweeter.

Earlier this morning, I tweeted this:

That’s it. That’s all I said. Now, Ashley wrote a post later in the day about her own feelings on Michelle’s dress and boots, which you can read right here. But let the record reflect, ALL I SAID was that the boots were absurd. That is it.

There are, as you can see, a couple hundred comments on the tweet now. Some of the comments are downright nasty towards Michelle Obama.  And frankly, I don’t care who’s wearing the dress and the boots – I think they’re hideous no matter whose body they’re on.  But yeah.  A lot of commenters were mean towards Michelle.  Whatever.  That’s on them.  I just think the boots are absurd.

Some folks accused me of being racist for finding the boots absurd.  Apparently, you can’t have an opinion on boots now without being racist. (?????)  This is how I know that the word “racist” has completely lost its punch.  Liberal idiots have done that, because they say EVERYTHING is racist.  And if everything is racist, nothing is.  Don’t they get that?

But here was my favorite exchange by far.  Look at this.


This isn’t hard.  It was like two tweets ago at that point.

She knew she looked like a complete idiot, so she did what idiots do.

I love love love love love when idiots help us make money.  It’s my favorite.

Incidentally, what does “you’re all in your feelings” even mean?

It got better:

She REALLY likes emojis, y’all.  And she decided to take her stance about me being mad that Michelle Obama can afford $4000 boots to her own page by retweeting us and suggesting that we can’t afford things without our HUSBANDS’ MONEY.


Which is why I wrote this.

She’s really hung up on this money thing, apparently.

And then she got dumber.

And that’s the thing. All the morons out there trying to make this about wealth, or about race (and that goes for BOTH sides of the aisle), or even about MICHELLE, are missing the point.

The point is, the boots are absurd.

But see, I apparently can’t have an opinion about boots without getting comments like this:

I’M the “hater hoe” because I DISLIKE A PAIR OF BOOTS, you guys.

Holy crap these people are lunatics.

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