The FATHER Of The 7-Year-Old Who Died At The Border Speaks Out

Ashley (Kimber)

I was on the verge of tears yesterday as I wrote about Hillary Clinton exploiting the death of a 7-year-old girl at the border.

If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to before you go any further.

As I mentioned then, the collective left, (including Hillary) is using this child’s death as a way to demonize our border agents.

I also mentioned today that at least ONE member of the liberal media is refusing to march in line with that… and I truly appreciate that. I’m legitimately shocked.

This isn’t just about the “narrative.” This is truly about ignoring future lives that could be saved in order to keep demonizing the Right, and anyone who DARES think we should protect our borders.  It’s sick… and I was legitimately thankful someone would call it out.


Cuomo began his segment by saying, “Jakelin and her father were not abused, at least not by the men and women working for the U.S. The people who organize these new mass caravans, often on false pretenses, they need to be called out and investigated.”

“Don’t demonize people working on the border with false allegations. Don’t demonize those desperate enough to do something like this father did for his daughter from Guatemala. Walls matter,” he stated. “But this stare-down between the president and the Democrats is a deadly distraction. It’s not a single-issue problem. We’re not a wall away from safety. This system is killing people.”

You know things are bad when even Chris Cuomo refuses to play along with the left’s latest REPULSIVE narrative.

Of course, he received some pushback for this…

But now, Jake Tapper is reporting that the girl’s FATHER is ENTIRELY CONFIRMING ALL OF THIS.

Can we just cut out the CRAP now?!?!

Blaming this on Border Patrol agents is truly, TRULY twisted… and it HAS to stop.

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