AOC Can’t Do Read Or Do Math: Pentagon Edition

Ashley (Kimber)

The Socialist Sweetheart is either completely and PURPOSELY flubbing this article from The Nation in order to support her “Medicare for All” dreams… or she’s really, really, really bad at math.

My guess is the latter. This chick is a bag of rocks.

See… that’s all very convincing and alarming and whatnot… until you realize SHE’S NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Well, um… maybe she thinks ALL Pentagon spending is waste. And threw in a couple of bonus trillions for fun.

The Nation made clear that the figure she’s quoting is not ACTUAL Pentagon spending. Maybe she didn’t read that part.

To be clear, Skidmore, in a report coauthored with Catherine Austin Fitts, a former assistant secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development who complained about similar plugs in HUD financial statements, does not contend that all of this $21 trillion was secret or misused funding. And indeed, the plugs are found on both the positive and the negative sides of the ledger, thus potentially netting each other out. But the Pentagon’s bookkeeping is so obtuse, Skidmore and Fitts added, that it is impossible to trace the actual sources and destinations of the $21 trillion. The disappearance of thousands of records adds further uncertainty. The upshot is that no one can know for sure how much of that $21 trillion was, or was not, being spent legitimately.


Even fellow libs realized she DONE DERPED UP:

Yes, yes it is.

And she wonders why Conservatives keep mocking her? Because she keeps giving us things to mock.