I Have An Extremely Important Update On My Life That I Must Share With You.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So you may recall several days ago that I was losing my mind about the fact that ROBBIE WILLIAMS IS COMING TO VEGAS OMG OMG OMG.

I spazzed out about it right here. I said in part:

He’s coming for a mini-residency, you guys. At my favorite hotel in Vegas. OBVIOUSLY, I’m going to one of the shows. I don’t know which one yet, but I will be doing anything I can do to make sure I am in the very front row, and I will be buying whatever VIP package is available that lets me finally meet him and get a photo with him, because HE IS COMING TO AMERICA AND I CANNOT BELIEVE IT AND I AM SO EXCITED I CAN BARELY BREATHE.

You know what this means? It means if the 6-day mini-residency does well, it’ll turn into a full blown residency and I will go see him like 3 more times this year. And you know why that’s OK? Because I am turning 50 in 2019 and that means all of this is totally meant to be for my birthday. Don’t you think? I MEAN WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that he’d plan this during the year I’m turning 50? At my favorite hotel in one of my favorite cities? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES, I ASK YOU.

And you guys, I’m still spazzing.

So the 6 days of March shows went on sale on Ticketmaster at 10am on November 14th, and I was so obsessed with getting them, along with a backstage meet and greet pass, that I made Daisy and Producer Rob do the 10am segment of our morning show without me so I could fully concentrate on buying tickets.  That’s when I discovered that Ticketmaster is Satan.  I was ready to go at 10:00:00 on the nose, and was told that I was like 997th in line.  I started stressing big time.

I gave up on Ticketmaster and started scouring the resale sites when I got home.  I ended up spending just a completely stupid amount of money on 4th row tickets for one of the Saturday shows, but all of the M&G passes were sold out.  I was basically devastated. I called the company who manages the VIP passes and they put me on a waiting list, but I missed out.

Mr. Mock was great about trying to cheer me up, assuring me that given how quickly the shows sold out, SURELY he’d add more shows, and worst case scenario, we’d be fourth row on the date we wanted, which isn’t bad at all. And he said if there WERE more shows added, and we were able to get VIP passes to a future show, we could just sell our March tickets and probably make a profit on them.

And then this happened on Robbie’s instagram:

And you guys, this time, I was gonna be ready if it KILLED ME. I called the VIP company and they were so nice about telling me exactly what site I needed to be on and when, in order to get the VIP passes for June. And since Daisy and I were on vacation on the 20th, which was when the June dates were added, Mr. Mock and I set up camp in his office at home – me on my laptop, and him on his, and when 10am came, he went to book one June date and I tried for another, monitoring each other throughout the process so one of us could cancel out if the other was making progress.

And Mr. Mock scored the VIP passes, you guys. I AM GOING TO MEET ROBBIE WILLIAMS IN JUNE.

But it gets better. After I got over my complete spaz-delight over securing the passes, Mr. Mock says to me, “So clearly we should just go to both shows – the one in March that we already have tickets for, and the one in June.”

That is why Mr. Mock is the best husband in the universe. That right there. I don’t even think Daisy realizes yet that she’s completely off the hook here, and will not be dragged to a Robbie show (even though it would change her life).

Meanwhile, I am currently smack dab in the middle of Robbie’s new biography, Reveal, and it’s seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read. I ADORE the relationship Robbie has with his wife, Ayda, and I love the reminders about how hilarious his sense of humor is.

Case in point. The story he tells about being at the birth of his first child made me completely LOL. You should watch the whole thing, but if you really want to skip to the hilarious moment, start at the 2.28 minute mark:

Also, if you’re new to Robbie Williams and don’t know much about him, you should know that he has slept with ZILLIONS of women. ZILLIONS. He was a huge drugged up mess in his 20s, and the story he tells in this video was ultimately BANNED from the BBC channel because they deemed it too dirty to keep up. But it’s here, and Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake’s reactions to it are PRICELESS.

Anyway, he’s now been happily married for almost a decade and has three kids. And I love him. And I AM GOING TO MEET HIM IN JUNE OMG OMG OMG OMG.

Imma give you a taste of his music now since I didn’t do that the last time. He’s very versatile – as you’ll see. AND I AM GOING TO MEET HIM.