Dan Bongino Responds To ‘Grossly Offensive’ ICE Raid Scene In ‘Murphy Brown’

Ashley (Kimber)

Ok… so I’ve never actually watched the show “Murphy Brown” before.

What I can say is that given this scene alone, I’m fairly certain this might be some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. I mean DANG. Those lines might be better delivered by cardboard cutouts. They were STIFF!

Anyway, someone decided an “ICE raid” made an excellent Thanksgiving special:

The rebooted sitcom “Murphy Brown” depicted an ICE raid during the show’s Thanksgiving episode on Thursday night.

During the scene, what appear to be Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents enter a food truck and announce an “outstanding removal order” for the truck’s owners, who the agents say are undocumented immigrants.

“You cannot barge in here like this,” Brown replies. “I know you’re used to dealing with people who are scared and vulnerable, but if you don’t get out of this truck, I will spatchcock you.”

GROOOOOAN. That was ridiculous.

Was that “spatchcock you” line supposed to be funny? It wasn’t.

Dan Bongino made an appearance on this morning’s ‘Fox and Friends’ to talk about it.

According to Fox:

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said Saturday on “Fox & Friends” that the scene was “grossly offensive.”

“There’s no issue out there that Hollywood and the intelligentsia and academia has misread America more on than immigration,” he said.

He said that Hollywood wants to use ICE agents as a “foil” for a “sick political message.”

“You want to make it even worse? A lot of ICE agents out there, a large swath of them, are Hispanic men and women who want to defend this country as well,” he said.

But of course, the creators of the show don’t give a crap about ANY of that. Their narrative is that immigrants = good, law enforcement = evil… and nothing will stand in the way of pushing it.

You can watch Dan’s appearance here.

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