James Woods Sets Aside Political Differences To Help Alyssa Milano For Heartbreaking Reason…

Ashley (Kimber)

Things are bad in California.

If you’re the kind of moron who takes joy in watching people’s lives go up in flames because they have different political views… then please refrain from commenting anything here. I don’t want to hear from you. You are scum.

Anyway… You all KNOW how I feel about Alyssa Milano… but this is heartbreaking.

She had been evacuated from the fire. Her horses had not.

As I mentioned earlier, James Woods has taken a VERY active role in helping people during this horrific tragedy.

This was no different.

God Bless him. And whoever volunteered to help. This is such a horrifying nightmare. And those poor horses… locked up in their pens, awaiting a fiery death… just awful.

It’s not like Alyssa and James are buddies. In fact, they’ve pretty seriously butted heads:

So someone asked WHY he would help her:

It’s THAT simple, folks. Not complicated. I would hope most people would do that.

She finally responded:

Many are realizing that HUMANITY far outweighs politics:

But he’s not doing it for the recognition…

Seriously. God Bless.