Insane Topless Feminist Runs After President Trump’s Motorcade In France

Hannah Bleau

As we’ve mentioned before, POTUS and FLOTUS are in France. It hasn’t been without controversy, but this is a different kind of controversy.

Some insane topless feminist tried to chase down Trump’s motorcade.

Via Daily Wire:

A U.S. reporter traveling with the motorcade wrote about the incident in a pool report to other reporters, saying: “A topless woman, with writing on her body, got around the barriers that were blocking off the road from the blocked off sidewalk and tried to run toward the POTUS motorcade. She was quickly accosted by three security officials.” We’re assuming the reporter meant to write “apprehended” rather than “accosted.”

It appears she wrote the word “FAKE” across her boobs, which is really unfortunate placement, if you ask me.

What kind of message is that supposed to send? Do they really think running around with their boobs flopping around sends an “empowering” message to world leaders? It’s LAUGHABLE. If anything, they’re giving Trump a free show. Although it’s more of a disappointing $3 carnival show.

It looks like that topless weirdo wasn’t alone either.

Keep it up, feminists. You look SO DUMB.