Trans-Woman Files ‘Gender Discrimination’ Complaint Because A Bunch Of Women Didn’t Want To Wax His Junk

Hannah Bleau

We’ve reached peak stupid.

According to this, a trans-woman (so a biological dude who thinks he’s a lady) filed a human rights complaint against 16 women after they refused to wax his male junk.  He’s calling it “gender identity” discrimination. And no– this didn’t happen in the United States (it’s Canada), but I could totally see something like this go down in Cali.

John Carpay, a lawyer and the president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, is representing two of the women who are being targeted by the complainant, who is referred to only as “JY.” In accordance with an order from the BC Human Rights Tribunal, the transgender individual must be kept anonymous.

“In recent months, JY approached 16 Vancouver-area female estheticians who only serve women, requesting a ‘Brazilian’ bikini wax on his groin area,” revealed Carpay on Tuesday. “In spite of the fact that JY is able to obtain a Manzilian in Vancouver, JY has filed 16 complaints against these women at the BC Human Rights Tribunal, claiming discrimination on the basis of ‘gender identity.'”

The female estheticians in question only serve women and do not offer so-called “Manzilians” — the male equivalent to a Brazilian wax. “The procedure for providing a man with a ‘Manzilian’ is quite different, using a different kind of wax and a different technique,” noted the lawyer.

At this point, it has nothing to do with discriminating against him and everything to do with the fact that they don’t offer the service for the his particular “parts.” Put on a dress and call yourself a lady, but it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t get a traditional LADY bikini wax. It’s really that simple.

“One of the women represented by the Justice Centre had approached, and had been turned down by 26 different lawyers and law firms. All of which cited lack of expertise in human rights proceedings, or fear of offending the transgender lobby, or both,” he explained.

Moreover, the Tribunal has refused to inform the 14 other women that theJustice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms would be willing to represent them against the complaint free of charge. “Without legal representation, it is likely that most or all of these 14 women are going to pay settlement money to JY, to escape the very stressful tribunal process,” Carpay stressed.


This is the kind of insanity going on in Canada. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d very much like them to KEEP that there.

h/t Daily Wire