One Of The Organizers Of The Attack On Tucker Carlson’s Home Releases A Disgusting Statement

Hannah Bleau

The other night, a liberal mob descended on Tucker Carlson’s home. They pounded on his front door, spray-painted his driveway and shouted chilling threats. Someone even mentioned a pipe bomb.

His wife was alone at the time and thought it was a home invasion. She locked herself in her pantry and called police.

It’s all so unacceptable. But does Smash Racism DC feel any sort of regret? Not a chance. One of the “organizers” of the attack released a despicable statement.

It reads in part:

“Protests are a disruption of the peace, that’s the point. If we don’t get no justice. Then you don’t get no peace’ was a common slogan during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“Being a target of a direct action is uncomfortable and Tucker should sit with that,” the statement continued. “Maybe he can show more empathy toward Queer people, Black people, the poor, refugees, migrants, and the many other people who hold scars from our society. Tucker’s promotion of white supremacy has real world consequences and he knows this.”

“While Tucker’s wife may have been scared and hid in the pantry, imagine the trauma from across the board from right wing attacks,” the statement added.

The organizer concluded by accusing Carlson of promoting “fascist” ideas.

“Tucker is a propagandist for the status quo and promotes fascist politics. He should be held accountable and forced to think about the affects his views has on other people.”

Meanwhile, these Antifa jerks are ones acting like FREAKIN’ FASCISTS.

Disgusting. Carlson is right. That wasn’t a “protest.” That was a threat.

h/t Daily Wire