There Are WEIRD Things Happening With Broward County Votes Again…

Hannah Bleau

What in the…

Florida’s incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson wants a recount. Rick Scott, who’s ahead in the race, basically called him desperate.

“This race is over. It’s a sad way for Bill Nelson to end his career,” Scott’s spokesman Chris Hartline said in a statement. “He is desperately trying to hold on to something that no longer exists.”

If the voting margin goes under .5%, a recount is automatically triggered. Keep that in mind.

All the while, something FISHY is going on in Broward County.

About 24,000 ballots in Broward County registered a vote in the governor’s race but not for the Senate race.

The discrepancy with the Senate race tally is consistent down the ballot, with more votes cast in lower-profile races like commissioner of agriculture, chief financial officer, and attorney general than in the Senate race, according to the preliminary county results. As of Thursday afternoon, a total of 675,216 votes had been counted in the Senate race in Broward (466,321 for Nelson and 208,895 for Scott). By comparison, the gubernatorial race had 701,080 cast in Broward, and even the commissioner of agriculture race had 685,440 total votes while the chief financial officer race had 685,017 votes.

What explains that discrepancy? I mean…that’s weird, right? That wasn’t some “nobody” race.

Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias told the Sun Sentinel that he thinks the undervotes were due to voting machines not detecting genuine votes. “I am pretty confident what you are going to see are markings that were not picked up by the machines or a calibration issue that was not registering that part of the ballot,” he said.

Just to make you feel even MORE uneasy about all of this, you should know that the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office ILLEGALLY destroyed ballots back in 2016.

Lovely! Obviously, they’re trustworthy. //sarc

Brenda Snipes, the Broward County Board of Elections Supervisor previously convicted for illegally destroying ballots, is once again under scrutiny for her questionable handling of Tuesday’s elections.

Snipes has so far refused to disclose the number of Broward County ballots that have yet to be counted more than 40 hours after the polls closed, in possible violation of Florida law, which requires timely reporting of vote counts.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE! *nervous laugh* Move along everyone!