Trump Supporter Apologizes To Jim Acosta For Giving Him The Finger

Hannah Bleau

Whiny Jim Acosta wants you to know that he had a “moment” with a Trump supporter last week.

I know, I know. Is he never NOT insufferable?

Acosta “covered” (I use the term loosely) the big rally in Fort Myers last week. He’s not exactly the most popular guy at these events and has loads of experience of people flipping him off. However, he had a little surprise last week. After the rally, a man apologized to Acosta for flipping him off at ANOTHER rally a few months back.

Here’s the original event:

And here’s the apology:

“I got carried away,” the man told Acosta.

Wow. What a Nazi!

Exit question: How many times has Acosta ever apologized on camera for being an insufferable weasel? He’s ALWAYS the victim. Always.