Candace Owens And Tomi Lahren Are Fighting, And I Feel So Awkward About It

Hannah Bleau

OOOOOOOOOOOK. We have a tad bit to unpack here.

By now, you guys know about the whole Kanye/Candace thing. Kanye basically said that he feels “used” for whole “Blexit” thing, and Candace is heartbroken. She wrote an amazing letter about it, which you should most definitely read. It’s so heartfelt. You can read it here.

For some reason completely beyond me, Tomi Lahren decided to pile on.

Called it? Sorry Tomi, but don’t act like you were the lone conservative in the corner telling everyone to remain cautious. Literally EVERYONE was saying that.

It didn’t end there.

Am I the only one who feels like she’s always nagging? LIKE I HEARD YOU MOM GEEZ.

Keep those tweets in mind.

Today, this happened.

Candace, you’re up.

MEEEEOW. I feel awkward, but also ridiculously entertained.

Which will it be? #TeamTomi or #TeamCandace? Or screw teams, ’cause we’re just here for the free food?


Update: More.

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