Protestors Interrupt Moment Of Silence For Synagogue Shooting Victims In Grossest Way Possible

Ashley (Kimber)

What the hell is WRONG with people?

I mean… seriously. This is gross.

WHY exactly is Marsha a “white supremacist?”

Because she’s a Republican? Is that all they’ve got?

And to interrupt a MOMENT OF SILENCE for those killed by ACTUAL hatred and bigotry?! It’s just so WRONG.


According to this:

One woman was physically removed by two men who swept her off her feet and carried her out. Activist Justin Jones, who has protested at several political events in Tennessee, was physically taken to the ground by what appeared to be a law enforcement official. As several people worked to remove Jones, an African-American woman wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt took a knee in the main aisle of the venue.

Gillum Ferguson, press secretary for the Tennessee Republican Party, later said some of the protesters were quietly asked to leave the event but declined. “They said you’re going to have to call the cops and we called the cops,” Ferguson said.

When Blackburn began her speech before a crowd of hundreds, she was twice interrupted, resulting in more chants. One woman in a wheelchair was pushed out of the event by Tennessee Republican Party spokeswoman Candice Dawkins. During a moment of silence for the victims of a recent mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, another woman yelled “Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist.”

Ward Baker, Blackburn’s campaign strategist, said he heard another person who was also removed yell “Impeach Trump.”

As the crowd quieted, Blackburn said, “How despicable that you cannot even have a moment of silence.”

She’s exactly right. This is DESPICABLE.