Stephen Miller’s Third-Grade Teacher Got EXACTLY What She Deserved

Ashley (Kimber)

Earlier this week, I was disgusted to hear Stephen Miller’s THIRD GRADE TEACHER was being interviewed by HuffPo about what a “weird kid” he was.

I mean… WTF?

So now we’re going back to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?


But it’s not just that… can we not trust our teachers anymore? There’s a certain level of trust this betrays… and I hate it. Your elementary school teachers aren’t SUPPOSED to tell the media you peed your pants on the slide…

They’re supposed to be better than that.

This woman betrayed the trust parents – and children – put into teachers – and it’s just plain gross.

Well… it looks like she got what she asked for.

The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District has placed veteran teacher Nikki Fiske on “home assignment” while it decides what to do, if anything, about disclosures she made about a young Stephen Miller.

The school district’s concern is “about her release of student information, including allegations that the release may not have complied with applicable laws and district policies,” said district spokeswoman Gail Pinsker.

“This has been picked up by other digital publications and blogs, and some issues have been raised,” Pinsker said.

This isn’t even about politics for me. I’d be similarly disgusted if a teacher did this to a liberal. It just seems too self-serving and NASTY.

Someone this vengeful and petty has no place around children.

As I’ve mentioned before, my mother considers herself “liberal” (she’s far from in-your-face about it, and we often have really productive discussions. She’s one smart and tough cookie.) She’s also a teacher. I asked her about this, and she was absolutely appalled. It says it breaks every code of trust and confidentiality she holds herself to.

And many agree :



I hope to GOD the school district doesn’t take her back.