Some Crazy Bat On Facebook Is Complaining That We Are “Pinging” Her And We Are Dying LOL.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

If you’ve been a listener of our show for any significant period of time, you may remember a couple years back when we used to get frequent voicemails from an old woman we affectionately started calling “Poached Egg Lady.” She absolutely LOATHED us, and left us the meanest messages ever. We would play them on the air, and imagined out loud that she was wearing a housecoat, shaking a rake at youngsters on her front lawn, and then going back inside to enjoy some nice poached eggs.

One time, she even challenged Daisy to a duel. The woman was batsh*t, but in a weird way, we loved her. And we worry she’s probably dead now, because we haven’t heard from her in ages.

Here’s one of our old favorite voicemails from her – from May of 2016 during the primary season:

God rest her soul.

But you guys – there’s a new Poached Egg Lady in town, and she left us two voicemails in the past couple of days that are positively HILARIOUS.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Did you catch her under-the-breath “You dumbasses” at the end? So great!

Now, I should point out that we don’t “ping” anyone on Facebook or elsewhere. We didn’t have access to Poached Egg Lady’s email address until she gave it to us in that voicemail, and even if we did, we don’t send out mass emails to our subscribers.  We also don’t actively go looking for people to “ping.” If you choose to follow/like our page and you choose to receive notifications of our posts, then you’ll get them. Some folks choose to set their browsers such that they get screen notifications whenever a new post from our website is published. All of those are choices Y’ALL make. We have no say in the matter, nor do we have a say in whether or not you STOP those notifications. We can’t sign up for notifications for you, and we can’t UN-sign up for notifications for you.

Which is why voicemails like Poached Egg Lady’s are so especially fun to get. In fact, if she’s still got her notifications set the way they were when she left us the voicemails, I’m hoping that she’ll be PINGED WITH THIS VERY POST. Wouldn’t that be the greatest???

In related news, this happened on our FB wall:

That was in our Posts By Others section of OUR Facebook page.  Not Patty’s.  OURS.

I’m guessing Patty’s a fan of poached eggs too.  Now, up until today, we’d never been to Patty’s page, but I went to her profile to see what there was to see about her, and look what I discovered listed FIRST in her “likes.”

God bless ‘er.  I’m guessing that whole liking-and-following-our-page thing is her problem right there.

People should really learn how Facebook works before going onto the pages of other people and screaming at them about stuff they’re not actually doing.  But until they do, I guess we’ll just keep on pinging them. 🙂

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