‘Men Are Trash.’ That’s What These Idiots Think Of Your Husbands, Sons, Fathers, And Brothers.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

This is so infuriating, and if you’re a person who is celebrating this kind of attitude, please punch yourself in the face.  In fact, please just jump off a cliff, because you make the world a worse place.

Apparently, according to the sourcelink there was a 22 year old Georgetown Law School student named Cameron Mixon (who I’m assuming doesn’t have a dad or brother or boyfriend or husband or a son or any male friends and never plans to), who wore a T-shirt outside the Senate office building yesterday that bore the slogan, “Men Are Trash.”


“I love your shirt!” one woman told Mixon. “It’s amazing,” another agreed. By 9:30 a.m., Mixon said, about 20 people had asked to take photos next to her.

What in the holy hell?? Why is that shirt amazing? Why are we denigrating men in this way?

Listen – I get that there are people on both sides of the Kavanaugh debate. I get it. So when I read in that same sourcelink that there were people carrying “Kava-No!” signs (as stupidly non-clever as that may be), I’m fine with that. They aren’t in favor of his nomination. Ok. Fine.

But “Men are Trash?” No. That’s just not OK.

I’m raising a 12 year old son, and worse than that – I’m raising a 12 year old WHITE son, who has no idea how much our culture is prepared to hate him as he grows into adulthood. It breaks my heart that I am ALREADY HAVING to warn him about how manipulative and conniving some women can be. It breaks my heart that I have to prepare him for a culture where his entire life could be destroyed simply because a woman felt slighted by him in some way, even when he’s done nothing wrong.

I’m sick and tired of wretched feminists insisting they want equality when in fact they want special preferential treatment and to be placed on altars where they are to be believed regardless of their truthfulness, and where they are victims of the patriarchy regardless of their successes.

I’m sick of people accusing men of “toxic masculinity” and then criticizing men when they show emotion.

There are sh*tty men, and there are sh*tty women. But men as a whole are not trash, and we should ALL be horrified that someone would either proudly claim such a thing, or that others would celebrate them for it.

Enough of the male-bashing. Men are valuable, they’re needed, they’re important, and they’re loved by many many women who aren’t psychotic batsh*t lunatics like Cameron Mixon.