Maria Shriver Calls Lindsey Graham “Every Woman’s Nightmare” …Gets OBLITERATED With One Tweet

Ashley (Kimber)

When it comes to the GOP at yesterday’s hearings… I’m SHOCKED to admit that Lindsey Graham was twice the man any of them were. LINDSEY FREAKING GRAHAM.

Who would have thought?!

He showed some NERVE… and it was GLORIOUS.

Seriously, if you haven’t watched it already, you need to. 

Anyway… the lib spin is now that Graham had an “unhinged meltdown” because OF COURSE IT IS.  There was NOTHING unhinged about the words coming out of Lindsey Graham’s mouth yesterday. He had more sense in his PINKY FINGER than the entire Democratic party combined.

Whatever. The libs are going with crap like this:


First of all, you don’t speak for all women. Lindsey Graham’s speech was one of the highlights of a rather crappy day for me.

And um…


Being left to drown by a man who the Dems STILL consider a “hero” – or listening to Lindsey Graham speak the truth?

Yeah. I know which one I’d rather spend my evening doing.

Side note: Maria – GIRL – stop doing crap to your face.