Paul Manafort To Plead Guilty

Hannah Bleau

Full disclosure: I couldn’t care less about the news surrounding Paul Manafort. It just reminds me how far off course we are with Mueller’s investigation. I thought this was supposed to be about “Trump-Russia collusion”? I mean, at one point during this “investigation,” everyone was obsessing over an extremely ugly, overpriced ostrich coat.

I’m absolutely NOT defending Manafort. I’m simply stunned that after all this time and money, this is where we’re at.

ANYWAY. Manafort is expected to plead guilty today as part of a plea agreement with Mueller’s team.

The details of the plea agreement, and whether Manafort would cooperate with prosecutors, were not immediately known. A court hearing is set for Friday morning.

Manafort, in a trial set to begin Sept. 24 , is facing seven counts of foreign lobbying violations and witness tampering in federal court in Washington.

In August, in a separate trial in Virginia, a federal jury found Manafort guilty on eight counts of federal tax and banking crimes.

The case was brought by Mueller’s team, which is probing potential crimes related to the 2016 election. But Manafort has not been charged with anything related to the campaign.

I repeat, “Manafort has not been charged with anything related to the campaign.”

Despite that, I’m sure Kathy Griffin is dancing topless over this news.