We Have An Update On The #WalkAway Founder’s Facebook Ban… And It’s Getting MESSY

Ashley (Kimber)

Yesterday, I wrote about Brandon Straka, the #WalkAway guy, getting BANNED from Facebook as he ramps up for his march.

To put it bluntly, I was losing my sh*t.

Well… his account has now been restored… but that not the end of the story.

Not even close.

Something really, REALLY messy is going on here:

Wait… what?


So what Brandon is saying that a “representative from Facebook” contacted this reporter to say his account had been restored… before HE even knew it was restored.

Was this a calculated attempt to make him look like a liar?

The reporter is CERTAINLY hinting at the fact they’re going to run with the “Straka is a big ol’ liar” angle. They don’t even TRY to hide that.

Soooo yeah. That’s the update… and I’m definitely not feeling much better about all of this.