Melania Trump’s Outfit Is, Once Again, The Subject Of Contention

Hannah Bleau

On Sunday, CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett tweeted about Melania Trump’s outfit. It wasn’t anything weird or controversial. Just an observation.

I mean, really. That’s some stellar color coordinating right there. But if you’re suffering from advanced stages of TDS, you cannot comprehend that. All you see is red, because you’re always a furious mess.

Poor Soledad O’Brien.

As you can see, she’s mad at a CNN reporter for commenting on Melania Trump’s outfit. Please keep in mind that O’Brien would likely NOT be making that remark if Bennett’s tweet had a different tone. Mocking, condescension– the works.

Bennett responded.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with a CNN reporter.

Still, a lot of people agree with Soledad.

HAHAHAHA. Now they’re demanding objectivity. Hilarious!

Bennett simply observed that Melania’s shoes matched her sweater. How that translates to explicit approval of the Trumps is beyond me.

BTW– everyone pray that Kevin regains his eyesight, thanks.

h/t Twitchy