Melania Trump’s Top Policy Aide Leaves The White House

Hannah Bleau

I don’t think this is a YUUUUUGE deal, but it’s certainly worth noting.

Melania Trump’s top policy aide, Reagan Hedlund, has left the White House. She’s been on the job for 6 months but has decided to return to her “roots in the foreign policy world.”

“I am very grateful to the first lady for the opportunity to help launch her policy initiative,” Hedlund said. “It was a rare opportunity to contribute at such a high level. It was a difficult decision to leave. However I have decided to return to my roots in the foreign policy world.”

See? Nothing scandalous. Another source told the Daily Mail that Melania’s senior staffers determined that Hedlund simply “wasn’t a good fit.”

Politico had one little snippet that kind of made me chuckle. Melania Trump has a small staff, and they’re apparently SO good at avoiding leaks that staffers in the West Wing didn’t even know about Hedlund’s departure.

Melania Trump’s staff, which is smaller than some other former first ladies‘ offices, is tight-knit and has a reputation for avoiding leaks. Multiple West Wing aides and others close to President Donald Trump’s administration said they either hadn’t heard about Hedlund’s departure or were unsure of the exact reason for it.

“She is no longer with our office and we wish her our best,” the first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, told POLITICO in a statement.

Trump’s team needs to get on that level, pronto. That’s #goals.