Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ACCIDENTALLY Highlights What Federal Government Is SUPPOSED To Pay For!

Ashley (Kimber)

The Socialist Sweetheart came up with some BULLCRAP excuse as to why she won’t debate Ben Shapiro.

Something about catcalling and sexism or whatever.

Anyway… we all know the REAL reason. It’s because she’s DUMB AS A BAG OF ROCKS.


Oooooh. Looks like someone’s a little irked she keeps getting asked how she intends to PAY for the free crap she keeps promising.

OOOOKAY honey, let’s go through this step by step.

✅ The government doesn’t “PAY” for tax cuts. Surely you understand this. Additionally, they’re not for “billionaires.” 80% of Americans are now paying less in taxes. Remember how you said you wanted to support the “middle class?” THIS is how.

✅ We “pay” for a trade war? Again… I don’t think you understand how things work, do you?

✅Space Force is part of national defense – which is one of the Federal Government’s MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES.

❌ HAHAHAHA. Have you checked in on what Puerto Rican officials have been doing with recovery money lately? Why don’t you take issue with them?

❌ Health insurance for all is not the Federal government’s responsibility.

❌ College tuition is not the Federal government’s responsibility.


ACTUALLY, I’m sure this BRAINIAC would say that, too.

FIGHT FOR $15!!!!