Alyssa Milano Believes Green Party Voters Are Actually RUSSIANS!

Hannah Bleau

I KNEW they’d come up with some sort of lame excuse.

There were a bunch of elections last night. President Trump took the time to congratulate the night’s biggest winners.

Ah, yes. Then there was Ohio’s special election.

It was a nail-biter. As you can see, it really came down to the wire.

So, why did O’Connor fail to take this Republican stronghold? Green Party voters, AKA Russians, probably.


*still laughing*

First of all, people voting third party in big, important races? THAT HAS BEEN A THING FOREVER. Second of all, isn’t this the same chick who’s basically against any valid form of voter ID laws? Honey, join the club and get on board with voter ID laws if you’re so worried about the integrity of our elections.

But yeah. Green Party voters are probably Russians meddling. Just so you know.