This Chick Is Convinced I’m Suffering From “Internal Sexism.” Also, She’s Looking For A Journalism Position.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I am dying laughing at the exchange I just had on Twitter. BEHOLD:

That’s an Actual Tweet, you guys.  From an Actual Person who Actually Believes This Crap.

And that wasn’t all.  She expanded on that thought, and then announced that she is a JOURNALIST LOOKING FOR A JOB.

I had to retweet her first “whispers” tweet, you guys.  I had to.  And I captioned it as follows:

She didn’t like that. And responded:


OMG. I suffer from “internal sexism,” you guys. Feminists are so ridiculous.

She retweeted me too, clearly miffed about our “platform.”


Oh Jashvina, you poor ignorant feminist.  Platforms aren’t GIVEN to anyone.  That’s not how platforms work.  Platforms are earned by people who create demand.  You can argue whether or not that demand is deserved (and believe me, there are PLENTY of people I’d argue don’t deserve the demand they have *cough* Cashmeousside *cough*), but you can’t suggest that platforms are simply doled out to people via some sort of unfair or unjust system.  If you have things to say that people want to hear/read, then you’ll build an audience. That’s how this works.

And considering Jashvina doesn’t have a JOB, I think it’s pretty clear how much demand there is for what she has to say.  That, and if her tweets are any indication of her ability to properly use the English language, journalism is the last profession she should be pursuing.

Her whole theory about sexism is just pure nonsense, and I retweeted her reply with this caption:

And that’s the thing about these women who cry “SEXISM” whenever they feel remotely slighted.  More often than not, sexism has nothing to do with whatever thing they’re bitching about.

How tiring it must be to play victim all the time.

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