Green-Haired “Gender Fluid” Spits All Over Teen’s MAGA Hat

Ashley (Kimber)

Uhhh… this is gross:

Yeah. I’d throw the hat away. No way am I touching that freak’s spit. Just no.

The guy… um. “Person’ is very, very proud of itself.

Oh, really?

Screenshots, for posterity:


Daily Wire got to the bottom of it:

A seventeen-year-old’s Make America Great Again hat was allegedly snatched and spat on in Seattle, Washington, earlier this week.

Ashton Hess claims he was waiting for a ride after having coffee with his parents when Ethan Jackson, who was walking by, knocked the hat off of his head. The hat landed on the ground; Hess claims a woman picked it up and tossed it to Jackson who spat on it and threw it into the street.

In a video posted on Hess’s youtube channel, the woman is heard asking him if he knows what the hat says.

“Yes, I know what it says. Don’t take my hat,” Hess responds. “That is my property, dude, come on!”

“Take your racist a** and get the f*** out of this state!” the man who spat on the hat says.

“That’s really necessary. I didn’t do anything to you,” Hess responds.

Ashton then asks for his hat back from his mother.

“He spit all over it,” she remarks.

“That’s disgusting,” Hess says.

EVERYTHING about this is disgusting.

The teen’s parents spoke to Daily Wire about the incident:

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Hess’ parents expressed their anger about the incident. “I was angry that this guy thought he had the right to attack our son because he disagreed with the text on his hat,” Mr. and Mrs. Hess said. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; if you disagree with that opinion, you’re not free to be aggressive.”


And yet the left continues to call US the aggressive ones.

Hess’ parents praised their son for handling “the situation with class.”

This wasn’t Hess’ first time dealing with intolerant leftists on the street. He claims he went to the March for Our Lives with an NRA hat to try to “have a civil discussion with the protesters” to see if they could agree on anything, but claims he was “treated terribly.”

“I’ve been exposed to the craziness of the left already,” Hess said in an interview. “This was just the second thing that has occurred that’s showed me really how intolerant and unaccepting the left is.”

Is there ANY question anymore?!

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