Liberals Attack Fox News’ John Roberts For Refusing To Defend Jim Acosta

Hannah Bleau

President Trump utterly humiliated CNN’s Jim Acosta on the world stage today. It was pretty epic.

It all started earlier during the press conference. Some chick from NBC asked a stupid question, and Trump was all, “See, that’s such dishonest reporter, of course it happens to be NBC which is possibly worse than CNN. Possibly, possibly.”

From that moment on, it’s all Acosta could think about. Outrage consumed him, and he shouted, “Since you attacked CNN, can I ask you a question?”

Trump wasn’t in the mood. He dismissed CNN as Fake News and took a question from Fox News’ John Roberts, because he comes from a “real” news network.

You can hear Acosta saying, “We’re a real network too!” in the background. It’s pathetic.

Liberals are FURIOUS and have decided that John Roberts is the worst reporter who ever lived. They seriously believe that he should’ve used that moment to defend Acosta by lecturing Trump and handing Acosta the mic.

Um…I wouldn’t defend Acosta either. He’s partially responsible for the media’s horrific reputation right now. Any HONORABLE journalist knows that and would want to steer clear.

Dude. It’s just Jim Acosta. Calm down. Trump didn’t just randomly decide to hate CNN. Jim Acosta did this to himself. He has consistently acted like an obnoxious, self-centered jerk. The man possesses ZERO class.

Oh. It’s Theresa May’s fault too. Duh.

Were you calling CNN and MSNBC “state-run TV” during the Obama years? Curious. Also, do you even know what “state-run” TV means?

Don’t answer that question. I already know the answer.

The fact that she likes Shep…that speaks volumes.

No. It’s not deplorable. If you know someone is tarnishing your profession, you’re not going to defend them. I don’t blame John Roberts for ignoring Jim Acosta. I would’ve done the same thing. The man is an embarrassment to journalism.