This Might Be The Most Grandma Thing Ever Done By A Grandma

Hannah Bleau

Grandmas are awesome, but in my experience, technology is not exactly their forte. One of my grandmas had a rotary phone up until a few years ago. She “upgraded” to a landline phone, and it’s not even wireless. My Grammy, on the other hand, has a cellphone. She JUST got an iPhone 5, and she’s so cute.

But this grandma? This grandma is hysterical. Check out this thread.

Apparently, some dude (he’s a writer for Forbes, FYI) has an aunt who sent his grandma a GIF of Steve Harvey clapping (a classic), but she was totally freaked out because the GIF didn’t stop.

I’m assuming this was the concerning GIF used:

Naturally, his grandma went to Verizon to get help.


Steve Harvey TOTALLY needs to talk to her. That’d be epic.