Peter Strzok Refuses To Answer Gowdy’s First Question, And All HELL Breaks Loose

Hannah Bleau

If you didn’t watch Rep. Trey Gowdy’s opening statement, you should really do that. I’ll wait.

Strzok denied any wrongdoing in his opening statement.

In fact, he expressed his disappointment in the entire hearing by essentially saying that it was “just another victory notch in Putin’s belt.”

Then the line of questioning began. Gowdy kicked it off. Predictably, Strzok said he couldn’t answer any questions that involved the investigation into alleged Russian meddling.

There was a huge ordeal. Rep. Goodlatte told Strzok he (Strzok) had no valid legal basis for not answering the question and warned him that he could be held in contempt.


I just…what in the world? What WAS that?

To top it all off, Strzok denied having any bias, which is HILARIOUS. Democrats are desperately cheering him on, and it’s so obvious.

To make matters worse, Democrats CHEERED after he responded. For real.

Strzok is such a weasel, and Gowdy– along with the rest of America– sees right through him.

This entire hearing is a sh*tshow. Democratic lawmakers are acting like petty little kids, and we’re over it.

Watch the hearing live below.