Mitch McConnell Mocks His Protesters In The Best Way Ever

Hannah Bleau

I’m not a fan of Cocaine Mitch, but I have to say. I’m impressed by his team, because they’re mastering the art of trolling and mockery.

There have been a few instances of protesters harassing Mitch lately. One incident involved protesters getting in Elaine Chao’s face (she’s McConnell’s wife), and she was NOT having it. She told those losers where to stick it.

The other incident involved protesters harassing Mitch as he left a restaurant in Louisville. One protester even shouted, “We know where you live!”

Cue Team Mitch. They totally mocked those protesters by suggesting that they waited to confront Mitch until his wife was gone. HAHAHAHAHA!

Actually, since the tweet was signed -MM, does this mean Mitch came up with that epic burn himself? And come on–#dontleavehomewithouther” is freaking gold.

Not bad, Mitch. Not bad at all.