Meghan McCain BRILLIANTLY Responds To Troll That Attacks Her BREAST SIZE

Ashley (Kimber)

Why do people suck so hard?

It’s one thing to say “I don’t agree with ANYTHING Meghan McCain says.” “I don’t like her” or “I wish The View was the liberal echo chamber my heart desires.”

Lame, but whatever. You’re entitled to your own wackjob opinions.

This is an entirely different story:

Here’s a screenshot in case Jill decides to delete her b*tchery.

Really, Jill? REALLY?

The disappointing thing is Jill isn’t even a lib. Jill’s tweets are all Conservative.


Meghan responded in the most PERFECT way possible:


I personally think Meghan McCain is beautiful. But that doesn’t matter in the LEAST. Why criticize someone’s breast size? SO PETTY.

People on both sides are coming together to slow clap on this one:

Woo! Go Meghan!

But then of course someone had to ruin the fun:

OMG, JIMMY. WE GET IT. You love Hillary and soy lattes. Please unclench.