Liberals Are Triggered Over Video Of Triggered Liberals: Kavanaugh Edition

Ashley (Kimber)

As we mentioned earlier, the entire universe is coming to an end now that Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump.

Or at least, the left would have you think so.

The reactions have been absolutely UNHINGED…and the folks over at the Reagan Battalion compiled some of their favorites:


Well… they’re not just triggered over Kavanaugh… they’re triggered about being triggered over Kavanaugh!

SPOILER ALERT: He’s a “#Resister”

Gonna go ahead and assume this “Progressive Cat” is also a “#Resister”

Same with all of these folks:

“Republicans killed everyone I love.”



Hmm… Nah. I don’t piss myself.

What the f**k does cervical cancer have to do with ANYTHING?