#Walkaway Campaign Founder Was On Tucker Carlson’s Show, And He Rocked It.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I can’t tell you how many people have been sending us messages and posting on our FB wall – “HEY CHECK OUT THE #WALKAWAY CAMPAIGN AND TALK ABOUT IT!” without ever bothering to actually just come to our site, search on #walkaway, and find the many instances that we HAVE talked about it. Come on, guys. It only takes a second. Don’t assume we don’t know about something before checking. Chances are, we’ve covered it before a lot of other people. Like when we first posted the first #walkaway video waaaaaaaaaaaay back in early June.

See what you miss if you don’t visit here at least once a day? YOU MISS ALL THE GOOD STUFF. 🙂

Anyway, check out the #walkaway campaign founder’s appearance right here:

And obviously, by “check out his appearance” I’m telling you to notice how hot he is.

KIDDING (kinda.) Also, there’s no reason to point out he’s gay. I’m well aware he’s gay. That doesn’t mean I can’t think he’s hot.

Brandon Straka is making a name for himself, and I’m glad about that. He’s an articulate representative for a movement that is ever-growing. Interestingly, #walkaway never trended on Twitter, despite thousands of mentions over the past several days. I posted a comment about that, and you guys there are SO MANY PEOPLE on the left insisting that it’s because all the #walkaway stories are from Russian bots. It’s hilarious. Just check out the comments on this thread.

You can check out all of the Russian bot stories right here! I have no idea how they got all of those bots to sound so not-Russian and not-robotic. SO WEIRD.