“Phony” Senator Claire McCaskill Responds To Trump’s Dig – Makes It SO Much Worse

Ashley (Kimber)

President Trump called out Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill out on Twitter last night:


Claire isn’t interested in doing things the way us “commoners” do them, after all. RV travel is SO beneath her.

Well… Claire responded, and um… this isn’t helping, princess.

Yeaaaah. See, at first, this seems like a decent spin…

Until you realize she’s completely full of it:

So… she’s a liar.

Being a liar is far worse than being a snobby rich senator, Claire.

Aaaand it just keeps getting worse:


F’real though… She was supposed to be on an RV tour of her own state…

But that just wasn’t good enough for her.

Missouri isn’t even that big. When it comes down to it… does flying a private jet REALLY save her that much time? Does it REALLY allow her to see more “vets”?

No. She’s simply too good to go on her OWN RV tour… and too stupid not to LIE about it.

Oh… and of course there’s this:

She’s the WORST.