NRA Membership Bypasses The 6 Million Mark

Hannah Bleau

The NRA reached another milestone. It now has over 6 million members.

The NRA also had a goal of increasing membership by 100,000. Well, they soared past that by 900,000. The NRA, which touts its five million members, of which I have been a proud one since becoming eligible to vote, is now a six million strong organization.

And to think. Alyssa Milano actually thinks she’s “winning.” That’s cute.

Here’s the reality. Common sense Americans are sick and tired of Milano and her army of imbeciles stampeding on our Constitutional rights. They’re not just pissing off gun enthusiasts. They’re pissing off people who value FREEDOM. There are countless individuals signing up for NRA memberships, basically as a way to tell gun-grabbers to STUFF IT.

I grew up in a big time #2A family. I got a concealed weapons permit as soon as I was old enough and carry as often as possible. A few years ago, when gun grabbers starting REALLY acting out, I purchased an AR-15.

Believe it or not, it hasn’t committed any evil deeds.

So yeah. I’m totally #2A, but I wasn’t an NRA member until this past February. Kimber and I signed up together at CPAC, because we’re sick and tired of the left demonizing us. I stand with the NRA. The NRA is me. It’s an organization that fights to preserve our Seconds Amendment rights AND educate the public about the reality of guns and ACTUAL gun safety.

I can’t wait to see how fast Alyssa gets us to 7 million. 🙂