CNN’s Jim Acosta DEFENDS His Disgraceful Antics At North Korean Summit

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned a few days ago, I mentioned that GRADE-A MORON Jim Acosta shouted throughout an ENTIRE historic moment between Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

This is incredibly embarrassing…

And he received some pretty stern backlash from BOTH sides.

Any leftists with a remaining working brain cell realizes how AWFUL this makes the Liberal Media look.

Well… because no one on CNN has ANY working brain cells.. they had him on to complain about how he was JUST DOING HIS JOB. DUH.

Wow. These idiots are so smug.

See, the problem wasn’t him asking questions. It was him SHOUTING questions at the most inopportune time imaginable.

He legitimately ruined a historic moment by making it all about himself.

According to Daily Caller:

Acosta faced near-universal backlash after shouting questions at President Trump and Kim Jong Un while the two leaders were walking past reporters, and then again when they were signing an agreement at the end of the summit. Acosta repeatedly asked Kim Jong Un if he was going to give up his nuclear weapons to strike a deal with Trump.

The reporter defended his question on CNN Wednesday morning, asserting that he couldn’t think of a better question to ask a dictator.

“I mean, to me, you know, I couldn’t think of anything else to ask North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un but whether he’s going to give up his nuclear weapons. Wasn’t that the entire point of this summit?” Acosta said. “There is a dictator right in front of you who has nuclear weapons. Why on Earth would you not ask that question?”

“I really thought it was a golden opportunity for a reporter to ask a dictator really the most important question of the moment,” he ranted, “and that is, are you going to give up these weapons that threaten much of the world. He’s threatened to vaporize parts of the United States. My goodness, I could not have thought of anything else better to ask at that moment than that question.”

Want to know why I’m not buying it AT ALL?

(You know… other than the simple fact that it’s Jim Acosta, and I don’t believe ANYTHING that comes out of his insane mouth?)

Well…he was caught BRAGGING about PURPOSELY interrupting the historic moment as a form of REVENGE.

So yeah… stuff it, droolstain. We’re not buying it.