Acosta Caught Bragging He INTENTIONALLY Interrupted Historic Moment

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned yesterday, many of us were pretty grossed out when CNN’s Jim Acosta interrupted a historic moment by acting like a freaking IDIOT:

WTH, dude? This is EMBARRASSING.

The media acts like they’re worried Trump may behave unprofessionally… and then they send this MONKEY IN A SUIT to one of the most important diplomatic moments in American history to SHOUT childish questions at a dangerous tyrant we’re trying to get to trust us?

Anyway… Acosta got caught BRAGGING that he knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

This was REVENGE, folks.

According to BPR:

CNN’s Jim Acosta was caught on a hot mic bragging that he had intentionally disrupted the historic peace summit between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and President Trump as petty revenge for him not being allowed to sit in on their denuclearization meeting.

Acosta was reportedly heard bragging: “Hey, if they’re not going to let me in the f*cking meeting, that’s what happens. That’s the way it goes, baby.” Breitbart’s Joshua Caplan posted the audio on Twitter. Acosta has not denied that he made the comments.


THIS is the new state of American “journalism.”

THIS is why we will NEVER trust the media again.

Next time any CNN goon complains about what Trump is doing to the media… just remember this.