President Trump Showed This POWERFUL Video During NK Summit

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned earlier, President Trump revealed something REALLY interesting to Sean Hannity last night.

He has felt “foolish” in the past when playing hardball with Kim Jong-Un… but he did what he had to do.

If you haven’t seen that interview, you REALLY should. It’s fascinating.

Anyway… here’s another little peek into how the summit went. So. Freaking. Interesting.

According to Daily Wire:

In his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump showed a video depicting two possible futures for North Korea — a shocking film showing both the United States military firing weapons at an increasingly isolated North Korean shore, or unqualified success, economic prosperity, and fame on the world stage.

The four-minute video first shows pictures of North Korean destitution, and shots of what appears to be the DMZ, and video of North Korean military exercises, undertaken in near-complete silence from the rest of the world. Eventually, after suggesting that Kim has the opportunity to change the future, the video shows the desolation of nuclear war, followed by video of the “other” possibility: technological advancement.

They’re not messing around here. Watch for yourself:


President Trump mentioned the video at a press conference following the meeting, adding that he told Kim that his thousands of miles of beachfront would be a perfect area for resorts and condominiums — an industry that Trump has real experience with.

Trump is playing this so well.

“The past doesn’t HAVE to be the future… Out of the darkness comes the light.”

We KNOW Kim Jong-Un is a tyrannical evil dictator… but Trump is stroking his ego by making him realize that HE can save his nation.

It’s a powerful strategy.

For now, it appears that the United States has asked nothing more of North Korea than what it asked in the mid-1990s, when it also inked a “denuclearization” deal. But it’s possible that Trump’s unique experience — and unique message — could make a difference.

The video is certainly a good argument for keeping the terms of the deal this time around.

This is truly history in the making.