UK Journalist Tommy Robinson Jailed For Reporting On Muslim Gang Rape Trial

Hannah Bleau

Right-wing UK activist/journalist Tommy Robinson was put in jail Friday after standing outside of a British court hearing and reporting on an alleged child grooming gang.

According to the UK Independent:

The far-right activist showed men entering Leeds Crown Court in a livestream on Facebook, where he claimed to be “reporting” on the case.

After more than an hour of broadcasting, footage showed police officers approaching to arrest him for alleged breach of the peace and incitement.

“Can you get me a solicitor?” he asked his supporters while being searched and bundled into a police van. “This is ridiculous, I haven’t said a word…I’ve done nothing.”

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, had claimed that verdicts were due on Friday but court officials confirmed that the trial of nine defendants is ongoing.

“This isn’t contempt of court?” he asked during the broadcast. “You are allowed to do this, aren’t you?”

Notice that the Independent refers to his reporting on this very serious matter as “reporting.”


He’s been sentenced to 13 months in jail for reporting on Muslim rape gangs. Oh. And the judge basically said no one in the UK can report on this entire debacle. Isn’t that just dandy?

The judge in the case on Friday slapped a reporting ban on the case. The order bans reporters from reporting on a case if there is reason to believe the reporting could prejudice a trial. The order prevents reporting until the conclusion of the trial Robinson was reporting on.

The gag order led to news outlets in the U.K. removing their reporting from their websites to comply with the order. Most remaining reporting in the U.K. comments on Robinson’s arrest, but not on his purported sentencing.

Sources with knowledge of Robinson’s case spoke on condition of anonymity in part because of fear they would be arrested for contempt. One told Fox that Robinson’s lawyer warned that, considering the presence of Muslim gang members in prison, a 13-month sentence was tantamount to a death sentence.

“Tommy’s lawyer said he will likely die in jail given his profile and previous credible threats, and the judge basically said he doesn’t care,” the source said. “He sentenced him to 13 months in prison.”

So here we are. Because the UK sucks, #FreeTommy is necessary.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about Robinson. This is outrageous.

Once again, shame on the UK.

Is this what you want, America?

h/t Daily Caller