New Jersey School Official Caught On Bodycam Calling Cop A “Skin Head” For Getting Pulled Over

Ashley (Kimber)

Is it me, or has there been a RASH of race-card playing a-holes caught on bodycams lately?

First there was this woman claiming she was the target of vicious racism. The body cam determined… THAT WAS A LIE.

Then a city councilman claimed police targeted him out of egregious racial bias. The body cam determined… THAT WAS A LIE.

Now there’s this:

Dear LORD. What is WRONG with these people?!

According to WFNX:

Residents are demanding that a New Jersey board of education member resign after video captured her berating a cop who pulled had her over for speeding. In the dashcam video, Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad, who is a member of the South Orange and Maplewood Board of Education, initially apologized for speeding but tries to use her prominent role in the community to convince the officer to let her off with a warning.

“My name is Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad, I’m on the school board, I’m a community member of this town. I’m sorry if I was speeding.”

Translation: I’m important. You better not dare give me a ticket.

She asked the officer if her daughter could exit the vehicle and walk to school, a request the officer granted.

She then asked Officer Shaun Horst if he is from Maplewood or South Orange and he tells her he is from South Orange. She told him that she will call “Sheena right now,” referring to South Orange Village President Sheena Collum according to NBC New York.

Ooooh reeeally? She’s gonna pull the “I’ll call your boss” move?

Classy stuff.

When the officer asked Lawson-Muhammad for her drivers license and insurance information, she provided an expired insurance card and could not find her license. The officer returned to his vehicle and when he returned to issue her a ticket, she was crying. She told him that she is “scared of cops, because you guys hurt black people.”

Not buying it.

Not for a second.

You know why? Because if she was scared of him she wouldn’t have copped an attitude right away, then started crying when she realized that didn’t work. I think she knows that the race card is an incredibly sensitive one with cops right now, and she pulled it.

He explained that he is writing her a ticket for speeding and another for not having a valid insurance card. He told her that she can go court to prove she had valid insurance on the date and time she was stopped.

“Now you want me to go to court? I don’t want to go to court. I have insurance,” Lawson-Muhammad told Horst before offering to have her husband text him a photo of the current insurance card. Horst tells her that he cannot void a summons once it has been written. She tells him that she will “call Sheena, and your skinhead cop chief, too.”

“your skinhead cop chief.”

That sounds like someone who’s just teeeeerrified, doesn’t it?


It sounds like someone who can’t BELIEVE her insufferable combo of “I’m important,” “I’ll call your boss!” and “OMG RACISM” didn’t work.

What a freaking HAG.