ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey Hints Of Big Changes Coming To The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot

Hannah Bleau

I’ve been watching the “Roseanne” reboot pretty frequently, and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s funny, and it’s nice to see at least a LITTLE representation for people with different viewpoints in a popular show, even if it’s not perfect.

However, those days might be toast.

ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey is now saying that the show won’t really be political in the next season, even though the subtle conservative undertones have proved successful.

Dungey said that the show will lean away from politics next season during a conference call with reporters as part of the network’s upfront presentation. Upon learning the news, conservative media icon Matt Drudge tweeted, “Corporate cannibals stripping Roseanne of her fun.”

Yeaaaaaah. He’s not happy.

Dungey added:

“I think that they’re going to stay on the path that they were on toward the end of last season, which is away from politics and toward family,” Dungey said during the network’s upfront presentation after the call, according to TheWrap. The site added that Dungey said ABC’s goal is to be “as diverse and as inclusive as possible … across all metrics.”

“I think that one of the things that was fresh for us with ‘Roseanne’ on the air is that it is focusing (on) a family that is in a different economic status than some of the other family comedies that are on the air,” Dungey reportedly said.

Why would you mess with the winning formula? I don’t get it.

Will this actually happen? I guess it’s up in the air.

An ABC spokesperson said the network is “definitely not” ditching the heartland strategy when reached by Fox News.

Everyone also seems to forget that Roseanne likely has a big say, and I don’t see her completely ditching the winning formula right now either.

I thought ABC learned its lesson with “Last Man Standing.” Guess I was wrong.


She obviously knows something we don’t. Maybe there won’t be a change after all!

h/t Fox News