Timmonsville NAACP President Says He Was Racially Profiled, Police Body Cam Suggests Otherwise

Hannah Bleau

Last month, Timmonsville NAACP President Rev. Jerrod Moultrie went on social media and accused a Timmonsville police officer of racially profiling him. Police said he was pulled over because he didn’t use a turn signal, and there was a “problem” with his license plate.

Moultrie responded by going on a rant about how he was racially profiled. INJUSTICE!

Moultrie’s post said, “Tonight, I was racially profiled by Timmonsville Officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD.”

Moultrie recounted his conversation with the officer in the post.

He said the officer asked him if there were any drugs inside his car.

Moultrie said in that post the officer told him, “I am doing you a favor tonight not taking you to jail or writing you a ticket.”

Florence community activist Timothy Waters said when he saw Moultrie’s Facebook post, it made him very upset that a black person could be racially profiled for driving a nice car in a nice neighborhood.

Waters said he went to the Timmonsville Police Department to take a look at a copy of the officer’s dash and body cam video.

He added when he saw the video, he became even more upset, but not at the officer, rather at Moultrie.

Want to know why? Because Moultrie LIED.

The officer was pleasant. What’s Moultrie’s deal? I’ll tell you his deal. He’s conditioned to be a victim.

“When I saw the video, I was shocked that someone who is supposed to be a community leader, a pastor, and head of the NAACP would just come out and tell a blatant lie. It bothered me,” Timmonsville Police Chief Billy Brown said. “It really bothered me, thinking about the racial unrest it could’ve cost in the community and it’s just troubling to me that someone who held a position like that would come out and just tell a lie.”

Exactly. He’s diminishing the credibility of people who really HAVE been wrongly profiled.

“There was a time where I was a victim as a police chief. I was a victim of racial profiling,” Brown added.

But you want to know what really gets me here? Brown said he wants officers to undergo racial sensitivity training anyway. Even though the officer didn’t do anything wrong.

Whatever. Thank God for these body cams. We have an awful lot of wannabe victims out there.

h/t ABC 15 News