Stephen King Uses Melania’s Surgery To Rip President Trump

Hannah Bleau

Peak classlessness. This is what it looks like.

As you know, First Lady Melania Trump is recovering from surgery. President Trump said she’s “doing really well” and recovering nicely.

Cue Stephen King, who can’t keep his freaking mouth shut.

If you can’t say something nice…why? What do you get out of this? Can’t you just say, “Best wishes her way” or “Glad she’s recovering well” or “Politics aside it’s good to hear FLOTUS is in good spirits”? Why must people be like this?

That’s what I’m wondering! What do they get out of this? Don’t you get tired of hating 24/7?

The love, peace and compassion– it’s almost overwhelming.

BTW– King has been bitter for a while now. Just so you know. Remember this?

And this?

Gooooooooood times.