Seattle Liberals Are Going To “Help The Homeless” By Getting Rid Of Jobs

Ashley (Kimber)

Liberals are reeeeally good at finding solutions to things.

For example, the brainiacs in Seattle have decided to drive businesses AWAY from their city in order to build homes for homeless people and give service people raises.

I’m not kidding. The Seattle city council just passed a tax that completely BLASTS the city’s employers. Employers will be taxed $275 per employee. Because you know, driving away business and killing jobs is the BEST way to deal with a homelessness crisis. DUH.

The vote was unanimous, because Seattle is an idiotic liberal echo chamber where not one person spoke out about how MORONIC this is.

According to  The Seattle Times, (who will also be hit by this new tax):

Following a weekend of high-stakes negotiations between Seattle City Council members and Mayor Jenny Durkan, the council voted unanimously Monday to tax the city’s largest employers to help address homelessness.


Starting next year, the tax will be $275 per employee, per year on for-profit companies that gross at least $20 million per year in the citY.

Amazon, which employs 45,000 people in Seattle, is required to contribute an extra $10 million a year. They’re fuming.

Would you be SHOCKED if 45,000 jobs up and leave the city?

I wouldn’t be.

But these liberal droolstains didn’t think about that, did they?

“We are disappointed by today’s City Council decision to introduce a tax on jobs,” said Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener. “We remain very apprehensive about the future created by the council’s hostile approach and rhetoric toward larger businesses, which forces us to question our growth here.”

As it should. Why stay in a city that literally works AGAINST business?  Seattle CERTAINLY won’t see any job growth any time soon… and will probably start hemorrhaging jobs as soon as these companies figure out how to get out.

Other companies set to be taxed include Starbucks, The Seattle Times and longtime, family-owned supermarket Uwajimaya.

The tax is set to bring in $47 MILLION per year. Here’s what these morons are going to do with it:

Along with the tax Monday, the council approved a nonbinding resolution that calls for spending 66 percent of the new money on affordable housing, 32 percent on emergency shelter, trash pickup, raises for service workers and other needs and 2 percent on administration.

Non-binding? So basically none of this will ever happen and the money will be mysteriously lost in a liberal accounting mistake.

Also interesting how service workers get raises at the probable expense of someone else’s job, is it not?

The city declared a homelessness state of emergency in late 2015. A point-in-time count last year tallied more than 11,600 homeless people…

The plan says the revenue could help build 591 units of low-income housing over five years…

Wait, wait, wait, wait…

They have 11,600 homeless people and it’s going to take 5 years to get housing for 591 of them? THAT is worth driving business away from your city? That’s literally 5%… and it doesn’t account for any GROWTH in homelessness caused by the fact that everyone’s about to lose their damn jobs.

Economics, or thinking of any sort, really isn’t easy for liberals.

This is just another case in point.