Here’s The Reality Of What’s Happening On The Gaza Border

Hannah Bleau

The US officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem Monday. It was a jubilant event. Of course, MSM doesn’t really care about that news. I’m seeing more headlines like this:

And this:

What gives? What’s going on? What’s the reality?

The Gaza Strip is controlled by the terrorist group Hamas, and these “protests” are riots sponsored by THEM. They aren’t peaceful protests. They have one goal and one goal only: They want to incite violence against Israel. Hamas is, in some cases, forcing civilians to head to the border and act like psychos. (Others go willingly.) These people use women and children as HUMAN SHIELDS.

This is the reality of the situation.

These are violent people who want to storm the border and kill Israelis. The IDF is defending the Israeli border. End of story. Here’s another great explanation from IDF Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus. This is the side of the story MSM won’t show you.

That’s all there is to it. Hamas crossed the threshold. Hamas is manipulating the media. It’s all a charade. Shame on MSM for falling for it.

h/t Faith Wire