Rep. Ted Lieu Invites Parkland Shooting Survivor Kyle Kashuv To Smoke Weed In California

Hannah Bleau

This is inappropriate and bizarre as all get out.

For some reason completely beyond me, Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu thought it was a good idea to invite the SENSIBLE Parkland shooting survivor, Kyle Kashuv, to California to smoke some weed.

I’m assuming these tweets led to that bizarre tweet…

Lieu is a weirdo. What would possess you, as a LAWMAKER, to tweet such a thing? “Come smoke weed in my state!” WTH is wrong with you, dude? Prioritize much?

San Fran really is covered in crap, FYI.

Lieu eventually responded.

I hereby deem you a moron, now and forevermore.

It sure is.

That would probably be a good idea.

That’s an even BETTER idea.