Hannity’s “Ties” To Cohen Are Revealed… The Scum Lords At Media Matters Jump RIGHT ON It


As we mentioned, it was revealed that Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen’s “mysterious” client.

Sean has addressed it.

But of course, the droolstains at Media Matters want to blow this up as much as they can.

I don’t know what’s worse… the trolls at Media Matters themselves, or the fact that misinformed libs think these hacks are anything but partisan bullies.

They’re FOAMING AT THE MOUTH at the opportunity to use this against Hannity. Check it out…

And to cap it all off…

Ahh yes, of course. A BOYCOTT. Because that’s what the left does best, is it not?

Does this mean they’ll hop off Laura Ingraham’s a$$ now?

Really? Like what? Having a lawyer? Again…