Student Activists Are Putting Price Tags On Their Clear Backpacks For One Ridiculous Reason

Hannah Bleau

Word has it activist Parkland students are having a rough first day back at school, but NOT for reasons you’d likely think. They don’t like the “police state” vibes and violations of privacy and freedom.

You see, it’s fine for them to urge the government to violate YOUR Constitutional rights, but DO NOT DARE mess with their backpack rights!

CNN has an entire piece, highlighting these students’ complaints.

“Every day, students lose more and more freedoms at MSD,” MSD junior Kai Koerber said. “Students of color have become targets and white students have become suspects. We do not welcome the militarization of MSD. It is terrible to see our school lose control over the protection of their students and their families.”

These kids really don’t see it. They’re mad, because they’re being treated like they did something wrong. They feel like they’re being punished for someone else’s crimes. Yet at the same time, they’re happily calling NRA members names and demanding that we give up our guns, even though we didn’t do anything wrong either.

They fail to see the real life parallels. They’re so narrow-minded. Their entire reaction to their first day back sheds a light on their immaturity. I mean, look at these students’ tweets from today. (Just so you know, they’re more David Hogg types.)

(I’m guessing she tweeted that at school– classy.)

It sucks when people violate your privacy and freedom when you did nothing wrong, huh?

Wondering what those stupid price tags are all about? It’s basically another way to demonize Sen. Marco Rubio and the NRA. In this case, the price tag represents the amount of money the NRA has donated to Rubio, divided by the number of students in Florida. ‘Cause you know, the NRA is directly responsible for what happened.

In reality, an organization made up of ACTUAL PEOPLE– not bureaucrats– donated to a politician who respects our Second Amendment rights. THAT’S THE POINT. But these student activists translate that to “Rubio sees dollar signs and wants more dead children.”

It’s actually sickening.

So much immaturity here. I can’t take it.

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