I Just Read A Comment On Our FB Wall, And I Need To Rage About It.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

You know what’s really frustrating? When someone thinks they know you, thinks they know what you’re about, makes a judgment based on their impression of you that is completely off base and inaccurate, and then tries to get you in trouble with your employer because of their own misinterpretation.

That happened today.

Let me give you a quick backstory. A couple weeks ago, Kimber wrote about that horrible science teacher who fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of his class. We talked about it on our show, even though Daisy KNOWS I HATE TURTLES and didn’t want to talk about it. But sometimes I make her talk about stuff she doesn’t want to talk about, and so I sucked it up, and we talked about it.

Fast forward to today. We got a voicemail from a woman named Ruth, who was desperate for an update about the story. The message she left for us was so dear – we listened to it and both did that thing you do where you hear something that makes your heart hurt it’s so precious, and you kinda smack your hand over your heart and make this face.


We played her voicemail on the air today, knowing that Kimber had updated the puppy-eating turtle story a few days after her original post. (That update is right here. )

Folks who have listened to us for any significant period of time, or who’ve read our site for any significant period of time, know that Daisy and I have a huge soft spot for animals and old people. We joke about Daisy being an ageist, but as most people with even a basic semblance of a sense of humor know, it’s a JOKE. We ADORE old people, and when you hear our reaction to Ruth’s voicemail, that should be pretty obvious. Take a listen.

I don’t know how a person could listen to that segment and interpret it as us being INSENSITIVE to Ruth, but that’s precisely what Gretchen did. And Gretchen decided that she was going to make a big fat statement on our wall about it, and Gretchen decided she needed to copy our employer on her big fat statement.

BEHOLD (last name removed although if she hasn’t deleted the post it’s still on our wall):



You have no idea how much I wanted to simply respond to Gretchen with two simple words (hint: they rhyme with shmuck shmoff), but I refrained. Instead, I responded as follows:

The snippy bit about the “teenage giggling” was a dead giveaway that Gretchen has never been a fan of our show, because we giggle literally EVERY DAY.

Gretchen, like other “hate listeners” of our show (those people who hate us with the fury but obsessively listen anyway), inexplicably believes that we are going to fret and worry about the fact that she says she won’t listen any to our show anymore.  Gretchen – we didn’t know you were listening to begin with, so…well, bless your heart.

Meanwhile, just over the last few days, I’m happy to report that we’ve also received these messages.

I laughed SO HARD at that last line.  🙂


And the reason I share those, in addition to the rage I’m feeling over Gretchen’s bitchy, stupid comment, is to drive the point home that we cannot possibly please everyone 100% of the time, which is why we will NEVER TRY.

Gretchen should take a second, before copying our freaking EMPLOYER on her stupid comment, to consider the fact that she is one person with an opinion, and that doesn’t make her right.  It makes her a person with an opinion.

I feel better after raging about this.  Thank you for being an audience to my venting.  Gretchen can suck it.   We’re gonna keep being us.  And happily, that’s what Emmis has always allowed us to do.

UPDATE:  Gretchen’s not done.  She’s calling us bimbos now.  SHOCKER.

Y’all are welcome to chime in right here, if you’re so inclined.  But watch out.  She’s a mean girl.  🙂