Oscars Night Will Be All Kinds Of Awkward

Hannah Bleau

Unfortunately, we have another award show tomorrow night– the Oscars. We should all be on the lookout for virtue-signaling galore. I mean, Jimmy Kimmel is the host, so you KNOW it’s going to be political to some degree.

There will be a lot to look out for, but one interesting thing to watch on the red carpet will be…Ryan Seacrest.

If you recall, he’s been accused of sexual abuse. His former stylist, Suzie Hardy, said he sexually harassed her for years.

Hardy claimed that she endured the abuse for years out of concern over being able to provide for her daughter, and that the situation only ended in 2013, when, after reporting Seacrest’s actions to human-resources executives, her employment ended.

Variety exclusively obtained a copy of the November letter and spoke on multiple occasions to Hardy and her attorney. In the letter and in exclusive interviews with Variety, Hardy described in detail numerous incidents of harassment and assault allegedly perpetrated by Seacrest over the years she was his stylist.

As proud as I am and as strong as a woman as I am, as smart as I am and as much work as I’ve done with therapists, it really affected me,” Hardy told Variety of the abuse she said Seacrest subjected her to.

Seacrest has repeatedly denied Hardy’s claims.

But that begs the question. Will people treat him weird? Will celebrities even bother to talk to him?

Rob Silverstein, executive producer of the syndicated entertainment-news show “Access,” will prep his hosts Scott Evans and Kit Hoover to grill nominees and other celebrities about the #MeToo movement and the politics surrounding it.

“And then,” he added, “we will ask them whether or not they will talk to Ryan Seacrest.”

Ohhhhh boy. Will people turn around and question him, or will they totally IGNORE him? Either way, we’re in for a juicy and awkward night.

On Feb. 1, E! announced that the network was standing by Seacrest after an independent investigation into Hardy’s claims absolved him. But with new details now out in public, industry insiders are wondering how Seacrest can possibly survive the Oscars — the biggest red-carpet event of the year — in an age where who you stand by is more important than who you’re wearing.

One New York City power publicist who represents A-listers said she’s advising her clients to skip interviews with Seacrest altogether.

“I’ll be shocked to see who stops to talk to Ryan,” she said. “He’s in trouble.”

On Friday, E! reconfirmed to Page Six that Seacrest will be hosting and that they “completely trust our investigation and have complete faith in it.