Don Jr. Gets Called In To Court … But It’s TOTALLY Not What You Think

Ashley (Kimber)

Don Jr. reported to the New York County Criminal Court building… but he’s totally off the hook.

He was reporting for JURY DUTY!

The Trump fam… they’re just like us! (Plus billions of dollars.)

According to TMZ:

Donald Trump Jr. is facing a Manhattan judge … he showed up for jury duty Wednesday, and there’s a chance — slim, we think — he could be selected to serve as a juror.

President Trump’s oldest reported to the New York County Criminal Court building — and it was pretty obvious someone in the First Family was there. Secret Service is swarming around the building, and there’s a huge line to enter the courthouse … most likely due to increased security with a Trump in the house.

Look at all these people anxious to serve on jury duty!

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We called his office, and we were told he’s “happy to be there.”

According to the NY Post … Junior was selected for a jury panel, along with about 80 other potential jurors, in an attempted robbery case.

Still seems like a long shot prosecutors or the defense would select Junior for the jury … especially if the defendant is Russian.

Dear GOD…. Really, TMZ? Good “joke.” Don Jr. lets the Russians go… hyuck hyuck hyuck.

Anyway. They didn’t choose him.

Donald Trump Jr. is “one and done” when it comes to his civic duty, and looks pretty damn happy about it.

We got Trump Jr. outside the Manhattan criminal courthouse where he reported Wednesday morning for jury duty. As we reported … the President’s son was actually selected as a potential juror in an attempted robbery case, but obviously didn’t make the cut.

On his way out, he looked as thrilled as most Americans are when they get released from jury duty.

We don’t know if Trump went through voire dire — when prosecutors and defense attorneys grill jury candidates to figure out if they’re a good fit for the case. It’s a good bet Junior was dismissed before that … imagine the distraction he’d cause in court.

Phew! You’re off the hook, Donny Boy!